Lulu - that's me!

I’m passionate about travel and insist on doing it my way. You will never find me on a tour bus, but you will see me hitching a ride to Honduras in the back of a ute or on the roof of a toyota in the middle of the Congo Jungle. I pack light, my family think I travel with a bikini, toothbrush & sunglasses...they’re not far off.
I am infatuated with textiles & collect them on my travels. I always try to learn as much of the language as I can when I'm in a country - io sono fluente in Italiano, hablo un poquito de Español & un peu de Français. I love writing and I never leave home without a good book.
Some of my favourite things to do are sneaking wine into the cinema, kookaburra watching at dusk with Johnny, following summer around the world, creating the perfect bite of a dish for Johnny to try, laughing until I cry & my parent’s beehive is an endless source of entertainment and curiosity for me.
I constantly find delight in little things that go unnoticed by others. Just like my darling Mother...
I am a girl of action, I do as I say I will and consider myself a bit of a McGyver when it comes to fixing things. Just like my wonderful Father...
I’m practical but a romantic, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I like plans, but know nothing in life is assured, so I have ambition but take each day as it comes.  I believe everything happens for a reason, that way nothing ever gets too serious.
I can’t hold a grudge and regret nothing. I have secrets & keep promises. I admit when I am wrong, which I usually am. I am brutally honest - I’m the one who tells you there’s something in your teeth. I am as loyal as a guide dog. I am loud, I am adventurous, I am a no frills kinda gal – what you see is what you get. Hand me a glass of wine and I’m good to go just about anywhere.

...oh, and I have a chicken named 'Delilah’ - she's awesome :)