Thursday, 15 September 2011

on a magic carpet ride...

Regrettably I do not know Aladdin, nor any other street rat with a magic carpet, but with my stress level running pretty high today, I’m embracing any little mental vacation whenever I can to repress it...albeit briefly. Exercise is my immediate go-to, but when not possible one of the things that always helps is unearthing new and inspiring designs, particularly textiles. The textures, colours, simplicity or intricacy, their creative uses, cultural & historical significance, practicality & their necessity never ceases to impress me. Of course, I would much prefer to be able to feel the textures & weight & see their true colours as virtual viewing never does justice. But today, a virtual trip will have to do. These gorgeous rugs (& homewares) are from a fantastic little shop called Beldi (which loosely translates as “country” in Moroccan Arabic). They specialize in beautiful handmade goods from Morocco. Their rug selection (particularly the boucherite styles) is fantastic and it always makes me wish I had endless floorspace to accommodate them.
However, for an assured 'mental vacation', my immediate go-to is
Loom Rugs - personal favourites being their 'overdyed vintage' (strong distressed hues), 'berber' (neutral two-toned colours, simple, linear designs), 'vintage' (very geometric) & 'old yarn' (some more favourable than others)collections...ok, so it's tough to pick a favourite, they're all so sumptuous & special you'll understand why I covet endless floorspace when you see them. 
A personal, but equal shout out and credit goes to Sally Campbell and her designs - not only a beautiful person but a talented designer. I frequently wear, use & furnish myself & home with her designs.
So...if like me, you need a mental vacation - check out the above, you will feel like you've had a week's vacation in the Caribbean!

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